Vein Treatments in Vancouver

If unsightly veins are keeping your legs under wraps, don’t despair. Visible veins affect 80% of women. Millions of women are bothered by unsightly spider veins or varicose veins. Spider veins are those small red, blue and purple blood vessels that appear most frequently on the face and thighs. Varicose veins are larger in diameter and may appear raised with a bluish color.

The leading causes of spider and varicose veins are heredity, aging, pregnancy, hormonal changes and obesity. Varicose veins can also be related to more serious vein disorders so they require a careful evaluation prior to treatment. We are now able to provide effective non surgical treatments for both varicose and spider veins. With new state-of-the-art ultrasound guidance, it is no longer necessary to have painful surgical stripping of varicose veins. There are non-surgical options today which allow immediate return to normal activities!

Request a consultation online to learn more about vein treatments. These treatments are a simple and effective way to improve the appearance of visible veins. You can also call 604-708-9891 to schedule a treatment appointment.

Vein Treatment Benefits

We offer non-surgical varicose vein and spider vein treatments in Vancouver.

  • non-surgical treatment with no downtime
  • short treatment times; you walk right out of the office
  • no compression bandages after treatment

How Vein Treatments Work

If you have symptoms such as pain, aching, swelling in your legs or even restless legs at night, you may be suffering from underlying venous disease with incompetent veins. For these veins, a foam-like medication is injected while simultaneously monitoring the vein on an ultrasound screen. This allows for accurate placement of the medication into the diseased veins that often leak and feed into the bulging surface veins. The foam that is injected into the veins causes the vein walls to collapse. Compression stockings are then used for 2 days to make sure that the vein walls stay collapsed.

Spider veins can be treated with traditional sclerotherapy and/or lasers. Sclerotherapy is a simple procedure whereby the visible veins are injected with a sclerosing solution, which causes them to collapse and fade from view.

If sclerotherapy hasn’t worked for you in the past, it may be that you have underlying incompetent veins which you cannot see and can only be found with ultrasonic mapping of the lower limbs. If the underlying incompetent veins are closed with foam using ultrasound, visible sclerotherapy should work much better on the remaining superficial tiny spider veins.

Lasers allow delivery of a precise dosage of energy to each vein. The light energy is absorbed by the blood vessels, but not the surrounding tissue. This heat absorption causes a coagulation of the blood vessel, which is subsequently absorbed by the body.

What to Expect

To begin treatment, the entire vein anatomy of the lower limbs is mapped out with a sophisticated ultrasound. The causes of the varicose veins and spider veins are identified, and the problem is treated first at the source, and then followed up with treatment of the varicose veins. By treating the problem in this fashion, the long-term success is very high, and the risks are very few. There is no surgical risk with anaesthesia, or downtime, or dressings, and very little discomfort. Multiple treatments may be required to reduce the unsightly appearance.

We recommend being reasonable in your expectations. If you have extensive vein issues that need to be addressed, it is often better to take care of them in more than one visit, to minimize the exposure to discomfort. You will likely have some bruising. Pigmentation changes may persist for a while, and it is dependent on your body’s ability to clear the tissue. Discomfort is to be expected, but it is generally not significant and does not impair usual activities. You will have better results if you wear support stockings after leg procedures. Bruises may be covered with makeup.

Vein Treatments Before and After Photos


Patient’s Comments

“I was referred by my doctor to Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Center to deal with unsightly veins on my legs. When I appeared for the first time in the office, I was not sure what the outcome would be and if it was going to be worth it. I had a lot of veins on my legs and mostly right around the knees making it look like I had two large bruises this kept me in pants or really long skirts. Janette was very informative and told me what to expect. After my treatments, I experience times I don’t think twice about wearing a skirt as my legs no longer have those unsightly bruise looking veins. I had fantastic results, this treatment truly works. I cannot possibly thank you enough for what your service have done to improve my overall well-being and confidence. I would like to thank all the staff that helped me in this journey especially; Janette, Karen, & Joanne who are skilled, compassionate and supportive.” — B.C.

“I had gone to a different vein clinic and they told me the only thing they can do for my varicose veins is to surgically remove them. They would do little cuts down my leg and then strip them out of my legs leaving little scars where the incisions were. I was not happy with that so I came to Dr. Braun for another option. He explained about the ultrasound and UG foam treatment. After first treatment there was a huge difference in the appearance of my legs. The bulging veins were not bulging anymore and as the days went by, they disappeared over a period of 3 months. There is a huge difference in my confidence.

I have no problem wearing shorts at any time now as to before I was uncomfortable in shorts. I recommend to anyone that has varicose veins, this is the treatment. There is no need to put incisions in your legs and leave scars. I feel now my legs look 20 years younger.” — M.R.

“I am a business professional as well as an athlete, and over the last few years have been experiencing issues with my legs feeling heavy, slow & tired. This was beginning to affect my training, performance and recovery and at the end of the day my view of how long I would be able to continue to perform at a high level. The veins in my legs were also starting to ‘bulge’ making me very self conscious about exposing them in public, which is ‘vain’ but at the end of the day being fit and healthy is important to me and to have legs that felt and looked old didn’t match my lifestyle.

I sought treatment at another clinic, and was given sclerotherapy, but the veins returned and I was not happy with the results. It was then that I decided to find the best Doctor in the field and seek advice on how to resolve both the appearance as well as the performance of my legs which led me to Vancouver Laser. Dr Braun and his team began with the initial consultation where I was provided an opportunity to thoroughly understand the options available to me to resolve both my issues and I made a decision to put myself in their capable hands.

I had many treatments over the course of many months and I found them to be thorough, the staff knowledgeable, patient, very caring, and genuinely interested in my success. Naturally I wanted everything resolved fast, but I trusted the information that I was provided at each visit was coming from the most knowledgeable people in the industry so I listened and followed their recommendations. I am so very happy I did, my legs feel and look great. I am able to train and perform at an intensity I haven’t had in years. My legs feel great even after a long day of skiing, cycling or work – I am truly amazed and VERY grateful to Dr Braun and his team.” — J

“When I was teaching PE in the early 70′s I recall a student whispering… ‘Is that a vein sticking out of her leg or fat?’ I felt so bad! I knew I had to do something. In those days stripping veins was an option and I had the stripping done. When I got pregnant in 1984 after I had the veins removed the ugly veins pooped their ugly head… but even worse this time. They were very ugly, ropey veins and I was very self-conscience and noticed when people starred at them and me. I was happy during the winter months when no one saw them. But during the summer months, I always found an excuse not too wear shorts as my legs were too ugly. I remember my husband (who loved me dearly) said one day… ‘Oh Izzy your legs are a mess’. I just wanted to cry! It wasn’t until I saw an ad on TV with Dr. Martin Braun and a male patient that I began to take notice. Dr. Braun had a patient who had taken a course of foam injections and I saw the results. I was so impressed. I called the TV station to get the phone number. I have been a patient of Dr. Braun’s for a few years now and I have appreciated all the treatments. I am extremely satisfied with the results. My legs are so smooth now. No longer ropey looking and ugly veins. No longer protruding! Which is awesome! I enjoy going to Mexico every year in the winter and it has only been since 2010 that I no longer feel self conscience. Folk no longer stare at my legs. That in itself feels great. I feel wonderful now. The results are well worth the cost, which is not covered by my medical insurance. Although, I am able to claim these expenses when I submit them, with my tax return annually. I can honestly say the price (although pricey) was worth it. I am one happy camper. I need to give a big thank you and shout out to Dr. Braun and his staff, especially Karen, Joanne and Janette who have taken this journey with me. They have given me a great deal of praise and encouragement. Thank you ! Thanks a million! I leave for Mexico this Monday and I can’t wait to get into my swim suit and flaunt my legs. It is such a great feeling to wear shorts daily. Whaooooo! I hope you get to see the before and after pictures of my legs. You will not believe the difference. The results are amazing.” — Izzy

“Since my daughter was 14 she suffered from painful dislocations of both kneecaps. This entailed using crutches while she was disabled.This constant dislocation was seriously causing huge varicose veins to appear particularly behind both knees and on both thighs. Even with a strict routine of physio to strengthen the legs, the veins had already been prematurely damaged.

When she began vein treatments with Dr. Braun about a year ago, I was amazed at the radical results just after a few treatments. She has been able to wear shorts again without being so self-conscious of her protruding veins.

She got engaged at Christmas and is now planning on an August wedding. I can’t think of a better way to improve a persons self image and self esteem than these treatments have given to my daughter.

Kudos to Dr. Braun and his beautiful hard working team!” — S. Allen (Grateful mom)

I was very skeptical about having more work done in an attempt to treat the varicose veins in my left leg. I developed the unsightly veins in my early 20’s, and after several unsuccessful “treatments”, from vein stripping to sclerotherapy, I had all but given up. By now, in my early 50’s, the veins had become very large and I was experiencing significant leg swelling and discomfort.

I have the pleasure of knowing Karen Da Silva personally – we are both ultrasound technologists. When she told me she worked at Vancouver Laser & Skin Care performing vein mapping for varicose vein treatments, I was interested to know more. From the beginning Karen described the technique done at the clinic, and after having a look at my leg, assured me that I was not a lost cause. After much deliberation I booked my first appointment for ultrasound guided vein injections, and have never looked back!

Karen is truly skilled at identifying problem areas with ultrasound and providing guidance for Joanne, who performs the injections. Joanne’s professionalism, accuracy, and ability to inject into the smallest veins impressed me so much – she and Karen make an incredible team and instilled confidence from the beginning. They really care about the outcome, and pay careful attention during follow-up visits to ensure the desired results.

After just a few treatments (with just a little discomfort) and about 16 months later, there was very little sign that I ever had a problem in my left leg. I visited the clinic again today for some spider vein injections where Karen quickly surveyed my leg with ultrasound. She confirmed there was no recurrence of the varicose veins – well done!!

My only regret after my experience is that I didn’t visit this clinic sooner, but I will recommend it and the professional team I was privileged to get to know to anyone who has similar problems. Thanks to all of you I’m looking forward to wearing shorts this summer!

Shelley Guenther, Kelowna, BC

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dr. Braun, Janette, Joanne, and Karen since June of 2013 when I opted to have the varicose vein in my left leg attended to in the manner of ultrasound and UG foam treatment. Despite the relatively painless process, at each appointment the ladies are kind and attentive to ensure that I don’t feel any sense of discomfort, whatsoever. It is in the highest regard that I recommend Dr. Braun and his staff – they are incredibly discreet, professional and hospitable, offering an experience of plush comfort and delightful amenities.” — P.B.

“I would like to thank you and the whole team for your care and a meticulous job at eliminating the varicose veins from my right leg. When I look at my leg I cannot see where those engorged veins were, all the marks are gone. It looks and feels really great. I recommend this treatment fully to anyone who’s been suffering varicose veins like me. The treatment was was very easy to tolerate and also easy to accommodate to my busy work schedule, and the results are amazing. Thank you again and I wish you all success in the New Year!”— Monika H.

Dear Janette,

Please pass on my sincere thanks to the team at The Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre for the vein procedures that I recently received. Commencing with my initial experience at which time the procedures were described in detail, to the final appointments following up the results, I have found the staff professional, knowledgeable and courteous. Despite the fact that the procedures were somewhat uncomfortable, I sometimes found myself even laughing during my appointment. I would not hesitate to recommend the team in both the Vein Centre and Skin Centre and will most certainly be returning. — Christina M.

“I was hesitant about receiving ultrasound guided foam injections for varicose veins as I had previously had surgery/stripping of my veins and they came back with a vengeance within 2 years. I then went for an endovenous laser treatment consultation and was told that I had less than a 30% chance of success. After meeting with Dr. Braun and the Vancouver Laser and Skin Care Centre team, I became confident that ultrasound guided foam injections would give me the results I had been searching for. After receiving injections over a few months my results were better than I could have expected. Thanks for all your help!” — Adam