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Hair Boost

Our Hair Boost treatments employ microneedling techniques to effectively stimulate and fortify hair growth, health, and restoration.

When combined with ASCEplus HRLV Rose Exosomes or Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), our treatments synergistically amplify these benefits, particularly in advancing hair regeneration.

Kim Kardashian’s Glowing Secret: Salmon DNA Facial

Salmon DNA is gaining popularity in aesthetic treatments for its powerful regenerative and anti-aging properties. Extracted from the sperm of salmon, this bioactive ingredient is incorporated into various treatments to enhance skin health and appearance.

Key benefits:

  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Deep Hydration
  • Collagen Production
  • Anti-inflammatory and Soothing


Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre now offers affordable payments through Beautifi!

Innovation For Excellence

For over 27 years, Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre has been pushing boundaries and setting a standard of excellence in non-surgical and anti-aging aesthetic services. As one of the largest neuromodualtor Clinics in Western Canada, we specialize in facial rejuvenation and symmetry.

Dr. Braun, a pioneer of laser hair reduction in Canada over 20 years ago, leads aesthetic advancements with a commitment to achieving natural results using the latest techniques. Patients leave his appointments well-informed and entertained by his educational approach and humor.

Dr. Christian Cheung, an integral part of the Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre team, has collaborated closely with Dr. Braun for nearly 12 years. His composed demeanor adds a refreshing touch to every anti-aging wrinkle appointment!

Dr. Charles Wong is a highly skilled injector at Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre and he is the only one that sacrifices his Saturdays to offering wrinkle injections to the clients of Vancouver. Dr. Wong’s calm demeanour and friendly personality have built lasting relationships with both his clients and his team members.

Tara excels as a medical aesthetic nurse. Driven by her passion for medical aesthetics her mission is to empower clients to feel incredible in their own skin!
Nurse Injector for: Anti-aging injections and the Luscious Lip Club

Clarissa recognizes the unique beauty aspirations of each client and is committed to supporting them in achieving their goals at every stage of their journey.
Nurse Injector for: Anti-aging injections and the Luscious Lip Club

Rae’s drive in medical aesthetics stems from witnessing her clients’ exciting post-treatment results. She treasures every moment with them and has a deep love for skincare.
Nurse Injector for: Anti-aging injections and the Luscious Lip Club

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