We specialize in the natural look
We specialize in the natural look

Meet our doctors

Vancouver Laser's doctors

The skin care team of Dr. Martin Braun, Dr. Jonathan Brock, Dr. Leanne Rowthorn, Dr. Christian Cheung, and Dr. Charles Wong is committed to bringing clients clinically tested, breakthrough treatments to help reverse the effects that stress, genetics, and lifestyle choices have on your skin and appearance.

Dr. Martin Braun
Dr. Jonathan Brock
Dr. Leanne Rowthorn
Dr. Christian Cheung
Dr. Charles Wong

Our most Popular Treatments

Patients from Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, all of British Columbia, and even internationally come to us repeatedly for our most popular services:

  • Emsculpt: We are one of the first practices in the Greater Vancouver Area to offer this incredible Procedure. With Emsculpt, patients burn fat and build muscle while laying on our bed! Girls, to learn how Emsculpt can give you the butt you have always wanted check out: Emsculpt for Women. Guys, to see how Emsculpt can help you finally ditch the dad bod check out: Emsculpt for Men.
  • BOTOX® Cosmetic: We have been helping people find the answer to the question “How to get smooth skin?” since 2000. BOTOX® injections continue to be our most popular cosmetic procedure. Read more about BOTOX® Cosmetic here.
  • Laser Hair Removal: We were Vancouver’s very first laser hair removal clinic and over the years we have honed this procedure down to an art. Read more about semi-permanent hair removal here.
  • Coolsculpting®: We have been using fat freezing technologies to get rid of love handles and body fat in all kinds of awkward spots for over 7 years. Coolsculpting® is an amazing alternative to invasive fat loss procedures such as liposuction. Read more here.
  • Hydrafacial: A deep pore cleansing facial that works wonders to remove blackheads and other facial skin impurities. Read more about our extraction facials here.

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