Who Has The Most Attractive Lip Shape?

April 23, 2024

What is the most attractive lip shape overall?

Big lips? Thin lips? A perfect cupid’s bow or a rounded upper lip? According to a study, the answer may surprise you.

Researchers found that the most attractive lip shape has a lot more to do with symmetry than a specific size or shape, and that lips with a 1:2 ratio of upper to lower lip are the most attractive.

A heavily defined cupid’s bow is the most-requested lip shape in the Vancouver laser experience.

Cupid’s bows can be enhanced and further defined with the use of specific amounts of filler in the upper lip to enhance the natural vertical columns that lie immediately about the upper lip. The use of a specific filler can also be used to enhance and redefine the overall contour of the lips.  Learn more about how to get the perfect lip shape.

Most Popular Lip Shapes

Cupid’s Bow

This is a classic lip shape that is always in style. The cupid’s bow features a top lip that has a defined dip in the middle, between the peaks. The bottom lip is proportional to the top. This lip shape is highly coveted.


The heart-shaped lip is similar to the Cupid’s Bow lip because the upper lip has a well-defined indentation. The subtle difference is in the lower lip. The heart-shaped lip has a plump lower lip in the center and thinner sides. This, combined with the Cupid’s Bow at the top, creates, you guessed it, heart-shaped lips.

Full Pillowy Lips

While all lip shapes can be thin or plump, the fluffy, cushiony lip shape is very popular right now. This lip shape has a less defined cupid’s bow or no cupid’s bow at all. In other words, the upper lip looks more rounded than the “M” shape of the heart and cupid’s bow. The upper and lower lips are very full.

Celebrities Who Have the Perfect Lip Shape

Whether it’s because they have a defined shape or a full, natural-looking pair of lips, these celebrities have been determined to have the most attractive lip shapes.

Taylor Swift's lip shape

Taylor Swift’s lip shape is often described as very romantic, with a contoured cupid’s bow giving her mouth a heart-shaped appearance. She often emphasizes her beautiful lip shape with a bright lipstick or a classic red lipstick—a lip shape that many choose for a more defined, natural look reminiscent of classic beauty.

Julia Roberts' lips

Julia Roberts’ lips have been described as a “trout mouth,” meaning that her upper and lower lips are naturally equally plump, with no visible cupid’s bow—even when she smiles, her lips stay plump, giving her “trout mouth” a high place in aesthetics. This is exactly the result desired by many who undergo lip fillers to add volume to the upper, lower, or upper lip.


Angelina Jolie’s lip shape is the one that has the most consultations for lip modifications. She has full, sensual lips that are plump and rounded. To achieve this lip shape, fillers and wrinkle injections are often used to lift the corners of the mouth and fill out the lips.

Rihanna's lips

Many plastic surgeons agree that Rihanna’s and Taylor Swift’s lips are perfect examples of well-defined yet full lips. Rihanna’s lips are very well-proportioned and balanced, making it easy for her to pull off a bold red lip. This lip shape is both striking and natural.

Kylie Jenner

Often the first person to be mentioned when talking about lip shapes and fillers, Kylie Jenner has a signature “bee-stung” lip shape, achieved with fillers. This pillowy look has been sought after since her debut, with many desiring to have a similar, less-natural, full pout.

Attaining Your Perfect Lips

Lip shape is genetically determined, and fullness decreases with age. As we age, collagen production decreases, resulting in less plump lips. Makeup and topical lip plumping treatments can help improve the appearance of your lips, but they can only do so much. If you are unhappy with the natural shape of your lips or if your lips have lost their full, youthful appearance over time, then cosmetic treatments are a very popular method of perfecting your pout.


Dermal fillers can subtly plump up the lips. Dermal fillers, also known as lip fillers, are injectables that add fullness and have a lifting and smoothing effect. Most lip fillers consist of a synthetic formulation of hyaluronic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in the body. A qualified and skilled professional can utilize fillers to precisely target specific areas of the lips and skin to affect the shape and fullness of the mouth. Fillers can also smooth out fine lines around the lips. Click to learn more about fillers.

Wrinkle Injections

Wrinkle injections can help improve the appearance of lip wrinkles. These inhibit the repetitive muscle movements that cause fine lines and wrinkles to develop. Your healthcare provider can help you choose the best treatment option for you. Wrinkle injections can be used in combination with fillers, depending on your cosmetic goals. Click to learn more about neurotoxin injections.

Non-Surgical Solutions to Have an Attractive Lip Shape

If you want to alter your lip shape or increase volume, there are many great non-surgical solutions available.

For over ten years, Vancouver Laser has combined the latest innovations in aesthetic medicine with with time-tested, reliable methods to achieve a naturally rejuvenated appearance. During your initial consultation, you can discuss non-surgical lip filler Vancouver costs, results, and requirements with one of our experienced technicians.

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Who Has The Most Attractive Lip Shape?