BOTOX® Workshop

BOTOX® Workshop 2017-06-03T12:50:16+00:00

This is an intensive one day course that focuses on providing hands-on training for the injection of BOTOX®Cosmetic and Therapeutic.

You will practice the injection of the following areas

  • Basic BOTOX®Areas – Frown Lines, Crow’s Feet, and Forehead Lines
  • Advanced BOTOX®Areas – Nasalis, Perioral Lines, Dimpled Chin, Brow Lift, Marionette Lines, Platysmal bands, Masseter Muscles and Nefertiti Lift


  • An extensive educational packets sent prior to the seminar, so that you can study the theory prior to practicing – the methodology recommended by educational experts!
    • We ask that all injectors study this educational material to gain the most out of the one day training.
  • Detailed discussions of the relevant facial and muscular anatomy.
  • In-depth coverage of FDA/HWC approved uses and off-label uses of botulinum toxins.
  • Extensive information on patient consultations, including such key topics as aesthetics, designing the ideal facial rejuvenation treatment plan for different types of patients, and related considerations.


  • Describe mechanism of action of Botulinum Toxins including BOTOX® and Xeomin
  • Review anatomy and physiology of pertinent facial muscles
  • FDA/HWC approved uses and off label uses of botulinum toxins
  • Safety and contraindications
  • Patient evaluation and consultation
  • Storage, preparation and reconstitution
  • Standardized procedures & protocols

By the end of the day, participants should be able to

  • Treat myogenic TMJ caused by clenching and grinding, tension headaches, classical and common migraines
  • Improve the smile and nasolabial folds
  • Recognize and treat gummy smile
  • Diminish marionette lines (melomental folds) and mouth frown
  • Control muscle forces from clenching that contribute to poor treatment outcomes
  • Create a more defined jawline with a modified Nefertiti lift
  • Treat “smoker’s lines” (vertical lip rhytids)
  • Treat frowns, crows feet, horizontal forehead lines, bunny lines, necklace lines, platysmal bands


08:00 – 08:30 Registration + Breakfast
08:30 – 12:00 BOTOX® Didactic
12:00 – 12:30 Lunch / Open Forum
12:30 – 05:30 Hands-On Training
05:30 – 06:00 Conclusion

10 hours CME credits from College of Dental Surgeons and College of Family Physicians of Canada

* Cancellation refund will not be given after you receive your educational packet. This is due to the high value to the educational material contained within the educational packet including educational documents, videos, forms and vendor information. All changes to your seminar training date must be made in writing via email, and received at least three weeks before the training date.

This workshop was absolutely amazing. I have had the chance to do several BOTOX® training courses and this was, by far, the most comprehensive. The didactic material was easy to follow and very informative, while the hands-on component gave me the confidence to integrate BOTOX® therapy into my dental practice almost immediately. The course is well organized and Dr. Braun’s entire team is always ready to help. I had several questions come up even after the course was completed and they have continued to support me through emails and phone calls. I would recommend this course to anyone who is thinking about adding BOTOX® to their practice! Thank you all! — Tarn Dhillon, DMD

I had the pleasure of attending Dr. Martin Braun’s BOTOX® training workshop recently. The entire day, which was a long one, was well-organized and incredibly informative. As a dentist with no prior knowledge of how to administer BOTOX® treatment, I left the course feeling very confident in my ability to perform this treatment on my patients. Dr. Braun is wildly enthusiastic about the treatment he performs and teaches. He and his staff are some of the most fun and energetic individuals I’ve seen work together. We spent the morning in a didactic session session followed by an afternoon of hands-on training where we treated Dr. Braun’s regular patients. Dr. Braun welcomes the participates of the workshop to administer as much treatment as possible in the 5 hour hands-on portion of the day. Having done repetitive injections multiple times left me feeling very able and confident. I will definitely attend future workshops held by Dr. Braun. — Dr. Sharan Atwal, DMD

I recently took the September 2016 BOTOX® course taught by Dr Braun. I appreciated the pre-course handouts as well as the short video. There were 7 of us – 3 dentists, 3 GP’s, and myself, an OB/Gyn. We were warmly welcomed by Dr Braun’s staff. We were provided with an in depth course with an accompanying book with comprehensive anatomy, instructions and pearls. Dr Braun is dynamic, irreverant, knowledgeable and down to earth. He is very entertaining and non threatening. It is obvious he has been providing this service for a very long time which was reassuring as a learner. He was easy to follow and answered all questions. After a truly delicious lunch, we were taken from room to room and were all given hands-on experience in injecting BOTOX® with live patients for several hours. The patients were very accepting of our presence and tolerant of our inexperience. Dr Braun also demonstrated skills in establishing rapport and recall with these patients. I felt confident after leaving the course that I now have a suitable set of skills to give BOTOX® injections in a responsible and safe way. Thank you. — Ruth Abrahams, MD FRCSC | Langley, BC

I have been in practice for over 40 years and have literally taken hundreds and hundreds of hours of continuing education, not only locally, but nationally and internationally. Without a doubt the BOTOX® course I took from Vancouver Laser was one of the best I have ever taken. Well organized, professional, meaningful didactic and practical applications. The pre reading prepared us for the weekend, with follow up documentation, live demonstrations and hands on practice. I felt very confident leaving the course and incorporating BOTOX® into my practice. The ongoing support as needed is a great service to the participants. — Dr. Garry Lunn