Acne affects over 80% of Canadians at some point in their lives and can be emotionally stressful to deal with.

With medical grade skincare products and appropriate laser therapy, acne can be both reduced and prevented at the root cause. Once the acne is managed we offer a variety of modalities to clean up the mess that was left behind, such as scarring and pigmentation.

Popular Treatments

Sylfirm X

Target acne at the root with the most powerful micro needling technology

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Clear Glow (Frac3)-

Clear skin is within reach and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Target one of the root causes of acne – excessive oil production, with a series of Clear Glow sessions

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Clean skin is clear and healthy skin. Oil and dirt gets trapped deep inside the pores making your skin more acne prone. Shed the gunk and let your skin breathe again!

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IPL – Photofacial

Address residual pigmentation, shrink your over productive oil glands and stop acne before it even gets started with IPL Photofacial.

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Dead skin cells are like a dirty blanket on acne prone skin trapping dirt and bacteria in the pores. Exfoliation with a clinical microdermabrasion helps clear the debris to reduce acne breakouts.

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