dull skin

Dull, dehydrated and pigmented skin is unhealthy looking skin.

Expose a naturally, brighter skin tone by shedding dead skin cells, clearing blocked pores and fading surface pigmentation to encourage a healthy glow. Our customizable treatments can reveal a more bright and even skin tone resulting in a luminous appearance.

Popular Treatments

BBL™ – BroadBand Light

Love the skin you’re in with the ultimate pigmentation powerhouse.

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Eliminate your selfie filter and exchange it for a “real” glow with HydraFacial®.

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IPL – Photofacial

Reveal a brighter and more even skin tone. Why? Because healthy skin is a status symbol.

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Vegas Laser Peel

Ditch the harsh chemicals and opt for the safest way to peel off old pigmentation and dead skin cells with our Vegas Laser Peel.

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Skin discolorations such as Melasma, brown spots and freckles are no match for this powerhouse – PicoWay®.

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