large pores

In this overly-filtered world, we forget that our skin is supposed to have pores. In fact we have millions of them!

A build up of dirt, oil, makeup and dead skin cells can all contribute to enlarged pores on our faces. Regular exfoliation and lasers can help decongest the skin and stimulate collagen – with a regular routine, you will have smaller, tighter pores and glowing skin in no time!


Popular Treatments

Clear Glow (Frac3)-

Target one of the root causes of large pores (excessive oil production) with a series of Clear Glow sessions.

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Dirt and debris can contribute to congestion in the pores. Cleanse and exfoliate your skin and allow it to breathe again!

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Sylfirm X

Experience the transformative power of Sylfirm™ at Vancouver Laser. Stimulate collagen production deep within the skin for smaller, tighter pores and a radiant glow. Unlock your skin’s natural beauty.

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