Fotona Fractional Resurfacing

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Fotona Fractional Resurfacing is a treatment that addresses irregular texture, wrinkles, lines and acne scars without the downtime associated with traditional skin resurfacing.

This treatment can be fine tuned from a light peel to deep collagen remodelling. The use of both the Er:YAG laser and the Nd:YAG laser is called Twinlight® Fractional Rejuvenation. This laser method targets imperfections in the skin while reducing the impact on the surrounding healthy tissue. Other examples of fractional skin resurfacing are the Fraxel, the Pearl, the Pixel and the Sciton.


  • Customizable laser to address a variety of concerns

How it works

The Fotona Fractional Resurfacing at Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre is a 3 step treatment. Firstly, the Nd:YAG beam conditions the skin with deep dermal heating. Secondly, the Er:YAG beam gently removes the old skin with precise micro-ablated channels and then finally, the skin is ablated with a light peeling beam that removes superficial imperfections.

Fotona Ablative

What to expect

Your visit to Vancouver Laser for Fotona Fractional Rejuvenation will take up to 1 hour and the level of comfort is dependant on the intensity of the treatment. A topical numbing cream will be provided as a comfort measure as needed.


You will have approximately 48 hours of redness that resembles a sunburn. Cold vinegar compresses can be applied for comfort and Tylenol every 4 hours is acceptable if needed. After 36 hours the redness will start to subside and the abnormal cells will gradual peel and slough off. A light exfoliation can be done on day 7 to smooth off the peeling skin.

Recommended sessions

1 treatment every 3 months until the desired result is obtained.

Possible downtime

  • Increasing redness for 24 hours with the dull cells turning brown and exfoliating over
    the next 5 days

Post treatment care

  • Avoid sun exposure and make up application for 48 hours post treatment. Any sun exposure should be done with an SPF 50 or more.
  • We advise that you should avoid any makeup other than Jane Iredale or Oxygenetix for 48 hours after the treatment to reduce the possibility of acne breakouts
  • Cleanse with gentle foaming cleanser and do not use retinals or lotions with acid
  • Avoid exercise for 24 hours after the treatment
  • Keep the treated area moisturized and hydrated