The HydraFacial is a luxurious facial rejuvenation treatment that exfoliates dead skin, extracts dirt and bacteria from the pores and infuses moisture, vitamins, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid into the skin.

Benefits of a HydraFacial

  • Safe for virtually all skin types with no downtime
  • Rehydrates sun damaged or aging skin
  • Smooths and firms the skin with a luminous glow
  • Acts as a deep pore cleansing facial
  • Excellent for blackhead extraction

How an extraction facial works

The HydraFacial at Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre is a multi step treatment. The process begins with a deep cleansing of the skin, followed by a gentle exfoliation of the dull, dry skin layers and then the extraction of dirt, oils and impurities from the pores. The treatment is a deep pore cleansing facial and is an effective method of blackhead extraction. Once these 3 steps are complete, fresh, younger looking skin is revealed.  Furthermore, The treatment closes with the infusion of boosters. With 3 boosters to choose from, Dermabuilder, Growth Factor or Britenol, there is a booster for everyone, and every skin condition.

Extraction Facial Vancouver

What to expect

Your visit to Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre for this treatment can take up to 40 minutes. No comfort measures are required. HydraFacials are often chosen by our clients as their “go to” treatment before any special event.


The HydraFacial creates a more luminous, hydrated and age defying look immediately and this allows greater penetration of all skin products applied in the days after the treatment.

If you are in search of the perfect extraction facial in Vancouver, a hydrafacial at Vancouver Laser & Skin Care is exactly what you need.

Recommended sessions

Anytime the skin feels dehydrated or your desire a maximum glow. We suggest making it part of your monthly skin care routine.

Possible downtime

  • None

Post treatment care

  • Resume normal skin care activities immediately post treatment

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