IPL (Photorejuvenaton / Photofacial)

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At our Vancouver practice, IPL photofacial–also known as Intense Pulsed Light or photorejuvenation–primarily addresses the skin’s tone and texture and reduces the brown pigmentation and redness that create a dull, aged complexion. IPL photofacial is the world’s most popular laser treatment for the face and we see patients from Delta, Richmond and Surrey who want a quick treatment that brightens the skin with no time off work required. At Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre we use the Harmony platform for IPL rejuvenation. It is one of the most versatile lasers in the world and uses Advanced Fluorescent Technology, the next generation of intense pulsed light.

Benefits of IPL

  • No downtime treatment
  • addresses red and brown pigmentation of the skin
  • Any area of the body can be treated
  • Even out skin tone to produce radiant skin
  • Calm the red skin of rosacea
  • Can effectively get rid of sunspots and age spots

How IPL works

IPL is a treatment that delivers pulses of light to the target areas, such as brown pigment and red cells in the skin. This light is converted to heat energy, which fades those specific targets resulting in a more even, brighter complexion with less discoloration. IPL Photorejuvenation has been performed in Vancouver for over 20 years, and there are many studies in the medical literature demonstrating true, antiaging benefits. Individuals who have had IPL treatments once or twice a year over a decade have healthier more radiant skin with less skin cancer than those who do not have these treatments. Furthermore for people who already have sun damage – IPL is a great tool to reverse this damage.

What to expect

Most patients tolerate the treatment with little discomfort. The sensation can be likened to snapping a rubber band on the skin at times. For sensitive individuals, we can apply a numbing cream before the treatment. Occasionally, patients experience some mild puffiness that typically subsides during the ensuing 12 hours.

Patients may find that their freckles and brown spots are more defined immediately following the treatment as they are drawn to the surface and fade over several days. Repeated treatments result in brighter, younger looking skin that reflects more light – glows!

When to resume normal activities

You may resume your normal activities, including applying makeup, immediately following the procedure.


Over the week following the treatment the skin takes on a younger, more refreshed look with less pigmentation and fine lines. Brown spots, age spots, and sun damage all begin to fade away.

Recommended sessions

We recommend 3 initial treatment sessions scheduled at least a month apart. That should be followed up with maintenance sessions every 6 months. These treatments may be paired with microdermabrasion to remove the dead surface layer prior to the IPL treatment. This ensures optimal light absorption.

Possible downtime

  • Possible swelling around the treated area for 12 – 24 hours
  • Enhanced pigmentation resembling coffee grounds that can last up to 10 days

Post treatment care

  • Wear sunscreen and avoid sun exposure to reduce recurrence of pigmentation
  • On day 4 you may do a light exfoliation with a Clarisonic brush

Learn more about our Vancouver clinic and whether IPL photofacial is best-suited for your concerns. Request a consultation using the online form, or call our office at 604-708-9891 to schedule an appointment.

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