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LATISSE® is the only clinically proven FDA and Health Canada treatment to safely grow eye lashes. LATISSE® is also used off label to grow eyebrows.


  • Once a day treatment for 2-4 months
  • Grow your own natural lashes or eyebrows

How it works

LATISSE® works by increasing the length of the growth phase of the lash and also increases the amount of lashes in the growth phase. It has been used as a glaucoma medication in the eye for 20 years, so it has a long, established safety record. When used for glaucoma IN THE EYE for two decades, there was a 1% incidence of darkening of the iris color. When used on the eyelash in the FDA trials, there was NO darkening of the iris color. When used correctly, LATISSE® will not darken the color of the iris – this is a myth propagated on the Internet.

What to expect

This once daily treatment starts to produce results after 4 weeks with the full effect evident around week 16-20.


The longer you use LATISSE® the greater the results. Most patients find that the maximum effect can be seen around week 16.

Before + After Photos

Possible downtime

  • Redness and/or irritation in or around the eye
  • Temporary darkening of the skin around the eye

Post treatment care

  • We recommend the LATISSE® be applied to the upper lash line just before you go to bed. This allows you to complete your normal makeup routine in the morning
  • Once you achieve the desired length and thickness of the lashes you may adjust your schedule to a maintenance routine by using the product twice a week instead of nightly