Lightwave™ LED Therapy & Dermakinetics

Lightwave™ LED Therapy is a professional high-powered system that uses up to 3000 high grade red, blue and infrared light to stimulate collagen and elastin production and tissue repair.

Dermakinetics using Lightwave™ LED therapy increases the quantity and depth of applied topical creams or lotions by more than 50X during one 30-minute treatment. The LED lights provide the energy to propel topically applied ingredients into and through the skin using specific pulsed light.

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Lightwave™ LED Therapy and Dermakinetics Benefits

Lightwave™ Therapy with red, blue and infrared light, can reduce the appearance of aging or damaged skin resulting in a noticeable and significant cosmetic enhancement.

Lightwave™ Blue Light Therapy is an effective way to distribute specific visible wavelengths of light to the skin’s problematic areas. It can be used as a therapy for acne. It can also be used in combination with Levulan or ALA for photodynamic therapy.

How Lightwave™ LED Therapy and Dermakinetics Works

The LED Lightwave™ system is frequently referred to as a Light Vitamin for the entire body. This process converts light energy into cellular energy. This energy then stimulates an increase in the production of collagen and cellular metabolism, resulting in the improvement of the skin’s overall appearance.

What to Expect

Depending on your particular skin needs or concerns, the technician will choose the appropriate Lightwave™ protocols to address your areas of concern. The skin is then exposed to specific wavelengths of light that will stimulate the cellular renewal process and begin the reparative process.

If the Dermakinetics program is part of the treatment, then powerful peptide formulas will be applied to your skin and the Lightwave™ technology will deliver the peptides into the tissue and surrounding cell structures.

We recommend a minimum of eight treatments.

There is no thermal damage, downtime, scarring or discoloration associated with Lightwave™ Therapy. The treatments can be performed year round and on all skin types.