Lipodissolve & Mesotherapy

Most of us develop lumps and bumps of unsightly fat and/or cellulite in our lives. Now there is a solution. Lipodissolve and/or mesotherapy specifically target localized fat and cellulite deposits. This less-invasive alternative to liposuction at the Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre slowly dissolves the deposits with injections of fat-dissolving substances. The body naturally eliminates the residue over the following 3 to 4 weeks.

Request a consultation online to learn more about improving your skin health and beauty. Lipodissolve and mesotherapy are effective body contouring treatments that can be performed during brief visits to our office. You can also call 604-708-9891 to schedule a treatment appointment.

Lipodissolve and Mesotherapy Benefits

Using injectable fat dissolving substances to target cellulite and localized fat deposits, we can achieve body contouring without extensive surgery.

  • There is no need for a general anesthetic
  • Short recovery period, allowing a rapid return to work and normal activities
  • Cost-effective compared to surgical alternatives

How Lipodissolve and Mesotherapy Work

Lipodissolve and mesotherapy treatments are also alternatives to non-surgical body contouring devices such as Zerona, as well as BELKYRA®, an injectable treatment for the double chin. At the Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre the treatments consist of small injections of a natural soy bean lecithin and enzymes that is highly effective for dissolving the small, stubborn fat deposits that resist diet and exercise. The treatments consist of a series of small injections into the target areas of localized fat. Injection lipolysis (another name for Lipodissolve) will also reduce the size of unsightly lipomas – smooth, round benign tumors of fatty tissue.

What to Expect

Lipodissolve is an excellent method for smoothing the skin and eliminating fat deposits, within a clinical setting. You can obtain results in usually 3 to 8 treatments. It is a quick office procedure and any side effects such as temporary bruising, itching and soreness are minimal and temporary. Most patients lose 1 to 3 inches around their waistline.

History of the Treatment

Over the past 10 years, doctors in South America, South Africa and Europe have successfully used mesotherapy procedures on hundreds of thousands of patients. Some non-medical spas and practitioners with little experience have had difficulties with these injections. It is imperative you seek treatment from a well established medical clinic with a long track record.

Dr. Braun authored the chapter on injection lipolysis in the definitive textbook called “Cellulite,” edited by Dr. M. Goldman.

People who are considering their body contouring options also may want to learn more about other alternatives to liposuction like CoolSculpting® which uses controlled cooling to reduce fatty tissue.

Treatment Areas

The areas that respond best to Lipodissolve treatment – in those who are not excessively overweight – are certain stubborn fat deposits that resist further reduction after diet and exercise. These include double chins, the abdomen, love handles, backs of arms, thigh saddlebags, knees, and wings (the area on the back, just beside the armpits). Lipodissolve has also been shown to improve and smooth out the skin and shrink lipomas.

Lipodissolve & Mesotherapy Before and After Photos


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