The PicoSure™ is a powerful yet gentle way to address unwanted pigmentation, acne scars and fine lines and wrinkles. The PicoSure™ picosecond aesthetic laser delivers burst of energy in trillionths of a second making it safe for all skin types. The PicoSure™ can also treat multi-coloured tattoos.

Benefits of Picosure

  • Safe on all skin types
  • Addresses brown pigmentation
  • Retextures fine lines and scars
  • Can be used for tattoo removal
  • Offers a gentle solution for sun damage and acne scarring

How it works

The PicoSure™ is a light based treatment that targets all three layers of photodamaged tissue, epidermal pigment, mid-dermal wrinkles, and deep dermal laxity with PressureWave™ technology. This pressure squeezes the cells, activating the natural cell signalling process to create new collagen and elastin without burning or damaging the skin. The body’s natural healing process expels the damaged skin and encourages the production of fresh, new collagen and elastin.

What to expect

Your visit to Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre for the PicoSure™ treatment will take under 40 minutes.


The result scale is dependant on the level of damage to the skin. Typically the skin appears refreshed within 1 week; however, the rejuvenation process can take up to 2 months.

Recommended sessions

Several treatments spaced 2 – 4 weeks apart are recommended for optimal results.

Possible downtime

  • Whitening of the scarred area that will flake off
  • Temporary swelling
  • Temporary redness
  • Temporary darkening of the pigment

Post treatment care

  • Avoid sun exposure and wear a sunscreen with an SPF 50 on the treated area