Sculptra® is polylactic acid. Polylactic acid is derived from fruit acids. Lactic acid is a naturally occurring compound in our body, so skin testing is not required.

A biocompatible and biodegradable injectable material that naturally stimulates the body to produce its own collagen, Sculptra® is one of the dermal fillers our Vancouver patients use for facial rejuvenation by increasing skin thickness, adding volume to facial tissue and restoring shape and fullness. The result is more youthful looking facial contours. Originally approved as a filler material for HIV/AIDS patients who had associated facial wasting, Sculptra® is now widely used not only for HIV patients, but also for cosmetic benefits in the general aging population.

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Sculptra® Treatment Benefits

This product is derived from fruit acids for restoring youthful facial contours and reversing the appearance of facial wasting due to HIV.

  • stimulates growth of new collagen
  • increased skin thickness
  • subtle and gradual facial volume enhancement
  • less pronounced creases, wrinkles and folds

Sculptra® may be combined with other injectables such as BOTOX® Cosmetic, Restylane®, or Juvéderm® for a more impressive facial rejuvenation in our Vancouver practice. Learn more about the other dermal fillers we offer.

How Sculptra® Treatments Work

When the micro particles of polylactic acid are deposited under the skin, they begin to stimulate collagen production as they are slowly broken down by the body. A natural, soft increase in dermal thickness begins to take shape within several weeks of injection. Sculptra® is especially beneficial for those with thin skin.

What to Expect

At the first Sculptra® treatment it may appear that the procedure worked immediately. This is swelling from the injections and the water used to dilute the Sculptra®. In a few days when this initial swelling goes down and the water is absorbed by the body, you may look as you did before the treatment. Repeated treatment sessions provide more opportunity to see the full benefit. Depending on the amount of correction that is desired, and depending on the amount of material used at each session, patients normally choose to have 3 to 4 treatments. Over the course of 4 to 6 weeks, there is a gradual filling in the hollows, indentations and skin creases to restore youthful appearing facial contours. The improvements typically last several years and the procedure can be repeated as needed for maintenance.

Sculptra® Side Effects

The most common side effects are injection related, such as bruising and tenderness. A possible delayed side effect can be small bumps under the skin. These bumps may not be visible and you may notice them only when you press on the area. The bumps usually go away on their own, although occasionally visible bumps have been reported. Sculptra® was introduced in Europe in 1999, and many of the reported side effects of bumps under the skin occurred during its early use in the EU, Japan, and Australia. Sculptra® was only made available in Canada after 2006, and Canadian physicians and their patients have benefited with the knowledge gained by the European experience of injecting over 100,000 patients. Dr. Braun injects the most Sculptra® in British Columbia, and the formation of bumps is quite rare.

Sculptra® Before and After Photos


Additional Information

The website has photos demonstrating the gradual effects of adding your own collagen to your facial frame over time and several treatments.