Treatments for Men

A man enjoys a woman with beautiful skin and a woman is no different in that respect. A well-groomed woman appreciates a well-groomed man. Your skin is the best defense against disease and sickness, plus it keeps you looking great. It’s time to find out why so many men are choosing skin care, facial rejuvenation, and a range of medical spa treatments at Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre.

Addressing the common damages from sunlight, wind and pollution are important. The men who visit our medi spa and laser centre in Vancouver from Surrey, Burnaby, and other nearby communities often experience redness and inflammation to a greater degree than many women, and for this reason it is always a major concern. Request a consultation online to learn more about taking the best possible care of your skin. You can also call 604-708-9891 to schedule a treatment appointment.

Real Men Need to Cleanse

It’s important to exfoliate and hydrate daily. Regardless of your occupation or geographic location, the twin scourges of sun and wind damage the top layers of your skin irreparably without a definite full court press defense. Begin your skin training today and reap the benefits over the next 20 years. Deal with collagen and elastin depletion. Confront hyaluronic acid disruption and increase the cell reproduction that is key to younger looking and feeling skin.

Success of your skin care routine remains under your control. Agree to make the changes necessary to reclaim the higher ground of this battle. The tools are at your fingertips and available everywhere. Now is the time to get your just rewards. Take good care of your skin and it will take good care of you.

Protecting What You Already Have

Deep set lines might look distinguished on some men, but others don’t want these obvious signs of their age. Consider smoothing the brow with BOTOX® Cosmetic. It’s easy, affordable and so quick.

To help prevent these lines, use a sunscreen with an ample protection factor. While more new cases of skin cancer every year should be enough to coax anyone into wearing sunscreen, the fact is that it’s also a crucial step toward anti-aging skin care. The sun inflicts compounding damage; each time you step into the sun without protection you’re damaging your skin more. Start adding protection to your daily routine:

  • After washing your face, add sunscreen to your face, neck, backs of the hands and any other exposed skin.
  • Reapply this sunscreen as the day goes on
  • If you should get your face or hands wet or sweaty, you will want to apply more sunscreen

Correcting Sun Damage Once You’ve Gotten Burned

Many people believe that all hope is lost once they do get sunburn, so they stop putting on protection. Studies have shown that skin can repair itself if you act quickly after sunburn, protecting yourself from future occurrences.

  • When you get sunburned, begin by applying ice to the affected area, just as you would with a ‘real’ burn.
  • Take a vitamin E supplement daily. One capsule a day is fine, so long as your general practitioner has not told you that you should not take vitamin E.
  • Apply a lotion or cream to the area that contains hyaluronic acid. This is conducive to healing and repair of the skin cells.

Men more than ever before are using wrinkle and anti aging creams! Lines around the eyes and other areas of the face such as around the mouth are making men look 10 years older than their age. While you shouldn’t practice anti-aging skin care after the fact, it’s certainly not a bad idea to try to lessen the damage you have caused. At whatever age, you will look your best!

When the skin has healed and you are no longer in the sun consider Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments.

Making Sure It’s Not More Than a Wrinkle

For many men, their jobs can expose them to more sunlight. While it might be worrisome in terms of anti aging skin care, it can also present a more serious condition, like skin cancer. While you might think that ‘age spot’ is just a sign of your years, it could also be something that’s pointing out a more serious issue. Signs that might point out something more than skin care issue:

  • A skin growth that seems to change in color or size
  • A skin growth that doesn’t heal on its own in four weeks
  • A mole or growth that is larger than a pencil head or has irregularly shaped borders

The easiest way to tell if your growth is an age spot or a cancerous or pre-cancerous lesion is to check with Dr. Braun. You may be a candidate for Photodynamic Therapy.

Dealing With the Wrinkles You Do Have

There are several ways men can incorporate anti aging skin care into their daily routine. After shaving, men can apply their favorite cream or antiseptic, but follow that with a moisturizer that contains anti aging ingredients or botanicals. Natural oils and emollients can lessen the appearance of finer lines, but deeper set lines will require more concentrated gels and creams (with collagen boosters and antioxidants). Of course, there are other anti aging skin care procedures that can also be scheduled:

Treatments for Men Before and After Photos

  • Before and after BOTOX® + filler for an overall refreshed appearance

  • Before and after BOTOX® + JUVÉDERM® to reduce wrinkles and provide volume to the cheeks

  • Before and after BOTOX® + JUVÉDERM® to lift the face; together providing a more youthful, naturally refreshed appearance

  • Before and after BOTOX® + JUVÉDERM® to reduce wrinkles and provide volume to the cheeks

  • Before and after BOTOX® + JUVÉDERM® to reduce wrinkles and provide volume to the cheeks

  • Before and 4 years after

  • Before and after BOTOX® + filler to soften wrinkles and provide facial volume