MEN & WOMEN hormone optimization 

Renew your energy and vitality with hormonal balance

Aging is a fact of life but how you age is up to you. Choosing Bio-identical Hormone Optimization at R•MEDY🅫 Executive Health means your best years can be your most energetic years too!

About Hormone Optimization

R•MEDY🅫 Executive Health offers an evidence-based approach towards hormone optimization, with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and customized supplementation, to significantly improve your overall well-being.

Your hormone optimization assessment begins with a thorough evaluation and analysis of your current hormone levels and symptoms. From this analysis we will create your personalized hormone treatment plan to help you optmize your overall hormone health

Understanding Hormones

Hormones guide our bodies through many important functions. They can affect everything from blood sugar to blood pressure, growth and fertility, sex drive, metabolism, and even sleep.

What is Hormone Optimization?

The goal of hormone optimization is to help determine if your hormone levels are below normal and in turn develop a plan to improve levels and support balance. 

Women and Hormones

From menstruation to pregnancy and birth to menopause, hormones play an essential role in every woman’s wellbeing. However, during menopause the ovaries slow their production of estrogen and progesterone causing a number of side effects

Men and Hormones 

Men also experience hormonal changes as they age. Andropause, which is the term for a decline in testosterone production, can cause many unwanted side effects.


  • Weight Gain
  • Low Energy / Chronic Fatigue
  • Decreased Sex Drive
  • “Foggy” brain / Poor Concentration
  • Dry Skin
  • Depression / Mood Changes
  • Insomnia
  • Hair Loss
  • Chronic Pain

Signs Hormone Optimization  may be right for you:

Mood Changes

Hormone imbalance can cause severe ups and downs, debilitating anxiety, and even depression. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, Hormone Optimization may be right for you.

Physical Changes

Hormone imbalance can cause unexplained weight gain or weight loss, low libido, and changes in bowel or bladder habits. By gaining a deeper understanding as to what hormones may be causing specific problems, we are able to create a treatment plan tailored to your individual needs! 

Increased Risk of Bone Loss

As we age, our bone density decreases. This puts you at a greater risk for breaks and fractures! While there are no symptoms for bone loss (until something serious happens), it is important to understand that this conditions occurs in men and women over the age of 40.


Fatigue is very different from feeling tired. Fatigue is defined as feeling unusually exhausted day after day despite getting enough sleep and eating well. It is a red flag that something is going on inside your body.

Failure of Alternative Treatments

If you have tried any alternative methods to balance your hormones and have experienced no improvement, it is time to explore the benefits of hormone optimization therapy. Our treatments are highly personalized, and focus on helping you feel comfortable and confident again!


1 in 4 men over 30 have low testosterone. 

Hormone optimization is the foundation to a man’s health. Understanding your current hormone levels in relation to your age, weight and lifestyle enables the physicians at R•MEDYMD to determine what is optimal for you. The “normal” range for the primary male hormone testosterone is between 300-1000 ng/dl – this wide range creates the potential for feeling less than optimal even though you are “normal.”

Testosterone deficiency also increases the risk of heart disease and dementia. Testosterone therapy can enhance physical strength, aid muscle bulk, increase endurance, and improve energy levels, and feelings of anxiety and depression. 

Our series of tests and comprehensive health review ensures that you have a highly personalized treatment plan that focuses on helping you optimize your hormonal health safely and effectively. 


With decades of research specific to female testosterone, progesterone, thyroid and estrogen levels, the benefits of women’s hormonal balance have never been clearer. Symptoms of hormonal imbalance can sneak up on you. Gradually over months or even years, energy levels decline, the pounds start to pile on and sexual satisfaction can wane. 

By all accounts you are still “normal” by your doctor; but you are not optimal. Hormone optimization determines your current hormonal balance and assesses an appropriate hormone plan to bring your function to peak performance.

Our hormone optimization assessment determines your current hormonal balance and works with you to come up with an appropriate plan to bring your function to peak performance.

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