Fotona™ 4D® Lift

Tighten, brighten and retexturize in one visit – because we know your time is important.

Fotona™ 4D is the perfect multi-therapy treatment tailor-made just for you.

Reduce pigmentation, resurface dull skin, rejuvenate collagen production and restore your youthfulness – all at once!

About Fotona™ 4D® Lift

Fotona 4D® Laser Lift is the ultimate non-surgical treatment to address some of the most common skin concerns in both men and women such as skin tightening, collagen production and texture improvement. This combination therapy brings four revolutionary treatments together to work synergistically for the best looking skin ever!


  • Non-Invasive and works on all skin types
  • Very safe with minimal downtime
  • Full face rejuvenation in just one session
  • Gentle deep tissue heating without pain
  • Addresses mild skin laxity, lines, uneven tone and texture

How It Works

The Fotona 4D® combines four treatments into one session to optimize your time while encompassing all the treatment possibilities.

The first application is the intra-oral SmoothLiftin™ Mode. This treatment deep heats the internal mucosal tissue in the buccal area inside the mouth which can help to tighten the nasal labial folds, marionette zone, jowls and buccal fat – all from the inside out!

The second is the Frac3® Mode which targets imperfections in the skin with a fractional laser beam.

The third is the Piano® Mode to bulk-heat the tissues to tighten the skin.

Finally the SupErficial™ Mode gives the skin a smoother finish by way of a controlled light peel.

Combining the ablative and non-ablative laser treatments creates a comprehensive anti-aging procedure with minimal downtime.

What to expect


80 minutes

Recommended Sessions

2 treatments spaced 4 – 6 weeks apart with maintenance as desired

After Treatment Care

Wear sunscreen and avoid sun exposure for 2 weeks

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Is the laser inside the mouth painful?

No, the sensation is warm but not painful at all.

What is the benefit to treating the inside of the mouth? 

The tissue density for most clients in the buccal and jowl area is quite thick therefore heating from the inside (SmoothLiftin™ Mode) and the outside (Piano™ Mode), addresses the tissue from both sides ensuring greater results.

Who is a good candidate for this treatment? 

Anyone looking for a full face rejuvenation is a great candidate. As the clinical technician controls the intensity of the treatment, the energy levels can be adjusted based on your skin type and concerns.

How much downtime is there with the 4D™ treatment? 

As the clinical technician can adjust the energy settings, she can choose the scale of approximate downtime factoring in your social calendar and your desired results.