Restore your volume, and stimulate your own collagen with Sculptra®, the natural enhancer.

With the stimulation of your own collagen, and a gradual transformation over a few months there is no risk of looking “done”.

About Sculptra®

Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre offers a variety of options to address volume loss and facial rejuvenation. Sculptra® is one of those options and it is Health Canada approved. Biocompatible and biodegradable, this injectable treatment naturally stimulates the body to produce its own collagen. The base product is poly-L-lactic acid that is derived from the acid of fruits and is a chemical compound that naturally occurs in the body. Dr. Braun is the leading injector of Sculptra® in British Columbia and in Vancouver.


  • Stimulates the production of new collagen under the skin
  • Increases skin thickness and radiance
  • Subtle and gradual facial volume enhancement over time
  • Affordable natural results
  • Ideal for cheeks, buttocks, temples and preauricular

How It Works

As Sculptra® is added into the volume deficient areas, the micro particles stimulate the collagen production process over a period of months. This is the slow and steady approach to volume enhancement.

Collagen produced after a Sculptra® treatment increases the skin thickness, adds volume to the facial tissue and restores shape and fullness in the treated area with a gradual, natural looking result. Sculptra® is ideal for those who wish to increase their volume at a more slow, natural and subtle pace.

What to expect


30 minutes

Recommended Sessions

Repeat the treatment every 3 – 5 months until desired volume is achieved

After Treatment Care

Just sunscreen. Resume normal activities immediately post treatment

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I am getting married next year. When should I have my Sculptra® treatments?

In our experience Sculptra® treatments should be completed at least 5 months prior to any special event. Sculptra® promotes the production of your own collagen and this process can take up to 4 months to occur.

I want to look natural, is that possible?

Absolutely! As Sculptra® is a solution that builds your own collagen it is a gradual process delivering natural and subtle results.

I am scared of needles. Does it hurt?

Comfort is of the upmost importance at our Vancouver clinic. We pre-numb the area with one of the most powerful, yet safe, numbing creams. If you are anxious we also offer nitrous oxide (the famous laughing gas) to help you giggle through your appointment.

I have had Hyaluronic Acid before and it never seems to last on me. Does Sculptra® last longer?

The simple answer is yes. As Sculptra® promotes the production of your own collagen, once you achieve your desired volume the longevity is as long as your collagen naturally lasts for you.