Vegas laser peel

Promote regeneration of your skin without the use of harsh chemicals and reveal a smoother more vibrant appearance with a laser peel.

Bring us your skin concerns and we will dial in the energy to gently reveal a fresher and healthier appearance.

About Vegas Laser Peel

The Vegas Laser Peel is a chemical free micro-laser peel. Our highly skilled technicians use the Fotona™ machine to precisely target fine lines and dull skin to reveal a healthier appearance without any aggressive chemicals.

With a laser peel, unlike a chemical peel, we have the ability to control the depth of penetration which makes this a very safe alternative to chemical peels.


  • Non-surgical treatment with variable downtime
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Fully customizable
  • Safe alternative to chemical peels
  • Effective treatment for minor textural imperfections such as acne scars

How It Works

The Vegas Laser Peel uses the Fotona Er:YAG laser beam to minimally ablate the superficial layers of the skin. This removes the top layer of the skin, resulting in a refreshed, youthful appearance. 

With re-epithelialization (yes, that’s a long word) fresh, new and healthy skin is formed. With repeated treatments, this is a gradual way to improve the overall texture of the skin.

Vegas Laser Peel Video

What to expect


30 minutes

Recommended Sessions

1 session per month for 2 – 3 months until desired results are achieved

After Treatment Care

Wear sunscreen and avoid sun exposure

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Is the Vegas Peel painful? 

As this is a fully customizable treatment the level of comfort measures needed is also varied. Most clients tolerate this treatment well with or without topical numbing cream.

What should I avoid after this treatment? 

As with any laser treatment, avoiding sun exposure is essential to prevent further damage and to give the skin time to heal and regenerate.

What is the downtime for a Vegas Peel? 

The downtime is all dependent on your preferred aggressiveness of this treatment. The lighter the peel the less the downtime. We can dial in the energy to work with your social calendar making this the perfect “social peel”.

I am told that I have skin type VI. Is this treatment safe for me? 

Yes – the clinical technician can control the energy and adjust the settings based on your skin type.