Vancouver Laser Summer/Fall Newsletter 2013

A Message From Dr. Braun

The dog days of summer are upon us and like many of you, when I’m not in the clinic I enjoy getting outside to take advantage of all that this beautiful city has to offer. It can be easy to forget your sunscreen as you’re headed out the door but the fact is SPF is a necessary part of daily life, rain or shine. We live in a world where people of any age can get skin cancer so it’s not just about prevention of wrinkles and sun spots. The key to beautiful, healthy skin starts with good skin care and preventative measures. So get out there and have fun, just be smart about it. Take the 30 seconds and apply your SPF!

Martin Braun



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This past Spring the Braun’s took a trip to Italy where they visited Venice, Verona, Milan, and even saw George Clooney’s home (er, palace) on Lake Como. Take a look at their adventures here!

The Team

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We’re often asked by patients for tips and tricks, things we’re all too happy to share! Below you’ll get an inside peek and hopefully some useful information…

Q: I want to use good skin care products but I don’t know what I should be using – help!
A: Many consumers have overloaded their skin and their cabinets with needless products and an overcomplicated skin-care regimen. In contrast, the needs of human skin are simple. They are: cleanse, moisturize, nourish, and protect. When selecting skin care, it’s best to choose a product formulated for your individual and varied skin type. A healthy lifestyle and a good skin-care regimen, coupled with a few extra preventative measures, will help make your skin radiant. Vancouver Laser and Skin Care Centre has experts in a medical setting whom are trained exclusively in the health and beauty of skin. We’ll introduce you to our menu of Cosmeceuticals and make recommendations specifically for your skin.

Q: I’ve heard about micro-needling with dermal rollers but it looks scary. Who is this for and what do they do?
A: You needn’t be afraid of dermal rollers; they’ve been used for decades as a way to stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin. Rolling causes multiple tiny pinpoint wounds to the dermis and this induces the release of growth factors, which is the goal of all skin rejuvenation treatments. It improves skin texture and radiance, allows your anti-aging products to penetrate deeper, and can be done at home for very minimal cost making it a popular choice! We view it as a nice complement to in-clinic procedures.

Q: Dr. Braun has told me I should consider Photodynamic Therapy. What will it do for me?
A: Dr. Braun likes people to be aware of their options when it comes to treating the signs of early skin cancer, especially for fair-skinned Caucasians whom are high risk. Photodynamic Therapy involves applying a clear, water-like substance to the skin (Levulan) and using our Lightwave LED to activate a chemical response. The Levulan goes to work killing unhealthy cells such as actinic keratosis (early skin cancer). While there is some downtime at first, this results in smoother, radiant skin and fewer unhealthy cells. Dr. Braun has this treatment annually as part of his overall skin health regimen.

» Daily sunscreen is an important part of any skin health regimen.

» Aesthetic Clinician Christine takes her ColoreScience everywhere!


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