Your Fat Is Already Half Frozen, So Why Not Try Coolsculpting?

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Your Fat Is Already Half Frozen, So Why Not Try Coolsculpting?

Your Fat Is Already Half Frozen, So Why Not Let Us Finish the Job?

Let’s face it, even Vancouverites can’t escape this year’s polar vortex. The freezing arctic air has officially arrived and with that cold air comes an annual response by many of us to go into a deep hibernation-mode.

Picture cozy blankets, hearty warm foods, and an abundance of Netfilx – sounds nice, right? However, these pursuits for comfort can often go hand-in-hand with gaining a few extra inches around the waistline, aka a hibernation fat reserve, you know, to keep warm.

Luckily, access to modern conveniences (thanks Doordash) means that we don’t have to rely on our personal fat stores to keep us going until the springtime, even though it can make for a convenient excuse.

But the added inch or two that we accumulate while we are holed up and hiding from the worst of winter isn’t something that we simply have to live with.

That’s because there’s Coolsulpting, an effective way to target localized fat (like love handles for example), by using cryolipolysis, a non-invasive fat freezing treatment.

It may sound counter-intuitive after all this talk about avoiding the cold, but this treatment is hyper-targeted to get rid of specific problem areas. Meaning that only a small part of your body is exposed to the freezing treatment.

And since your fat is already freezing out there in the polar vortex, why not use the cold to your advantage with an effective body contouring treatment like Coolsculpting?

So How Exactly Does Coolsculpting Work? And Is It Right For You?

First, the inventors of Coolsculpting noticed that fat cells are more sensitive to cold temperatures in comparison to the surrounding tissues on our bodies. Meaning that, when applied properly, cold can break down fat cells without damaging the skin, nerves or muscle around it.

With this knowledge in mind, a treatment was designed that targets the areas of your body where you want to see a reduction of fat. When the patented Coolsculpting applicator is used during your session you can simply sit back and relax, while it does its thing – usually lasting about an hour.

Popular treatment areas include: stomach fat, love handles, thighs, and even double chins. It is recommended that new clients are in good health and are not using Coolsculpting for weight loss, but for a subtler body shaping effect.

You will start to see results when the dead fat cells are metabolized through your body’s lymphatic system, usually within 6-8 weeks. Which conveniently is just in time for you to leave your hibernation den and bask in the warm springtime weather. Like winter never even happened.

To learn more about this convenient and affordable procedure, book an appointment with Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre today. You won’t regret bearing the cold for this!