Our Story

It all began with a floppy disk

Drs. Martin and Susan Braun were the driving force behind cosmetic innovation in Canada since 1996

If medical, nursing and dental school weren’t enough, the Braun’s pushed boundaries even further by bringing the first laser hair reduction machine to Canada. Despite the skepticism, the treatment caught on and became a starting block for non-surgical medical aesthetics worldwide. Laser hair reduction was born!



Cosmetic solutions for Vancouver

The year was 1996 and laser hair reduction was launched in Vancouver. The machine was large and the appointment times were long but the premise was groundbreaking.

A team of four amazing women answered Vancouver Laser’s phones from Dr. Brauns’ basement. They helped the Brauns raise awareness of this cutting-edge treatment and bring laser hair reduction to more people in Canada. The technician performing treatments was the one and only Dr. Martin Braun!

The laser hair reduction machine was run with a laptop that housed a floppy disk (the 90s nostalgia is strong!). Every week the floppy disk was mailed to a company in Georgia, USA to determine the royalties to be paid for use of the machine. Mail, cheque, floppy disk – the times have certainly changed since then!




We loved the machine so much we bought it!

Two years after opening our doors and mailing floppy disks, we finally were able to purchase the machine. The commitment to continue cosmetic innovation was strong – the machine cost a whopping $180,000, even though it was considered to be a steal at the time!





Expanding our services

Once the laser hair removal was set up, it did not take long for the other services to follow. With a passion for medical and aesthetic advancements, the Brauns soon found their next focus – Botox®.

It started off as a treatment for migraines. The issue of debilitating headaches was close to home – Dr. Braun was initially interested in Botox® to help his daughter who suffered from migraines. But as the magical wrinkle-relaxing effects of Botox® became more well-known, Dr. Braun began injecting neuromodulators for anti-aging and wrinkle-smoothing effects.

To say that wrinkle relaxing injections became popular would be an understatement – we have treated more than 17,000 patients, injecting over 2 million units of Botox® since the very first treatment.


Sharing knowledge

With his passion for medical and aesthetic advancements, Dr. Braun was on a continuous path for knowledge and improved technique.  Workshops began as a passion project for Dr. Braun to share knowledge and provide education to his peers. Botox® Workshops began in 2005!

As the demand for education grew, Dr. Susan Braun developed the Filler Workshop, helping beginner injectors to learn from her attention to detail and natural intuition for aesthetics.






Top Botox® account in Canada

2006 was the year that Dr. Martin Braun and Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre became the top Botox® account in Canada! This remains true to this day, making Vancouver Laser the largest Botox® clinic in the country.




Panfacial Botulinum Toxin study

With over 5 years of experience with Botulinum Toxin injections, Dr. Braun published a paper to summarize his findings. His publication was intended for his peers to examine various factors that appear to result in satisfied patients with a high retention rate. He established that a panfacial treatment of botulinum toxin injected in multiple sites and with the appropriate dosing improves patient retention and thus changed the “face of Botox®”.

When we talk about the face as a whole, this is where it first started!




Freezing It Away

2011 brought the new revolution of Fat Freezing to Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre. As pioneers in medical aesthetics, we could not resist introducing CoolSculpting® to our treatment selection. A flashforward to 11 years later – we are proud to have become a designated CoolSculpting® Study Centre with 10 machines, CoolScholars, CoolMasters and many Certified CoolSculpting® providers!





Why buy ONE machine – when you can buy TWO

Technology always advances and so are we. We introduced the Fotona™ laser to our clinic with astounding results. The machine helped us address even more aesthetic and medical concerns of our patients. With one machine capable of laser hair reduction, skin tightening, vessel treatments and vaginal tightening, Fotona™ laser quickly became everyone’s favourite. Shortly after introducing the Fotona™ laser to our clinic, we purchased the second machine to accommodate all of our patients in a timely manner!




Xeomin™ calf study


Did you know that neuromodulators like Xeomin™ can be used not only to relaxing wrinkles but also to reduce the size of calves? In 2015 Dr. Braun and his team brought another amazing study to light – the Xeomin™ Calf Study. The study examined the fascinating effects of neuromodulators such as Xeomin™ on the calves to measure slimming. Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre was now known as the leading training and study centre in Canada.




A groundbreaking year!

We were proud to attain the title of #1 Ultherapy® Provider for two years in a row. As we grew, we always prioritized our scientific expert approach. So in 2019 Vancouver Laser and Skin Care Centre also became the official designated Ultherapy® Training Centre for North America.

But we never stop improving! Our team believes in skincare as an investment, so it is only natural that we reached the top ZO® Skin Health product sales in Canada. Must have something to do with the amount of ZO® products our staff use!

Taking care of your body is just as important as taking care of your skin! Since first introducing EMSculpt® to our treatment selection, we helped many patients to build muscle and tone their bodies.  This year we were proud to earn the title of the top EMSculpt® provider in Canada and become a designated training site for this innovative treatment!

Finally, the year was topped off with the privilege of running a Masseter Scale Study on behalf of Galderma!




A look to the future

With a fresh new look and an expanded location, we are ready to take on all that 2020 hands to us. Our ever-growing practice is now matched with a modern and bright space spanning over 12,000 sq. ft.

We strive for continuous growth to bring more people closer to their aesthetic goals. Yet, we will always remember our humble roots. From a team of 6 to a crew of over 100, the growth has been exponential and we are honored that many of you have been part of our journey.




2020 – more

Kid’s Centre

In June of 2020, we were thrilled to announce the launch of our Kid’s Centre! We recognize that many of our patients are busy parents and it can be difficult to find the time for yourself when you have little ones.


With our new Kid’s Centre, our patients are welcome to bring their kids with them and be sure that they are in good hands. Janice and Aidrienne are our brilliant Child Minding Coordinators, that have everything to ensure that your little ones (or big ones!) are happy and safe during your “me time”!

Come on in and have a look at our beautiful, bright and colorful space!


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