Our Kid's Centre

5 Star Service for your children

We want your children to enjoy visiting our clinic as much as you do!

We are very pleased to offer complimentary child minding services to our clients here at Vancouver Laser and Skin Care Centre. We hope you find this program to be of the same quality that you have come to enjoy and expect of all our other services here at the Clinic.




It is our belief that our clients’ children should have a space that is warm, welcoming, and engaging to enjoy while our clients receive services by Vancouver Laser and Skin Care Centre. Just as our clients look forward to visiting our clinic, we want their children to feel just as happy and comfortable to be in our care.

We strive to provide a child-minding space that offers opportunities for physical, creative, sensory, cognitive, social and emotional exploration. According to British Columbia’s Early Learning Framework Principles, the learning process is holistic. As such, environment and play are integral to children’s well-being and learning capabilities. We support the belief that all children are strong, capable in their uniqueness and full of potential. We are committed to providing an environment that is accessible to, and reflective of, all the children in our care. In line with Indigenous Values and Beliefs, we are of the opinion that caring for children is a sacred and shared responsibility.



Your children will absolutely love playing vacation in the caravan, cooking a make-believe meal in the kitchen or coloring their favorite picture with Miss Adrienne.

With a child-friendly washroom, appropriate snacks, a high chair, crib and a changing table, Miss Adrienne has everything she needs to take care of your little ones during your appointment at our clinic. 


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