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Our Personal Health Management services offer a proactive approach to wellness and disease prevention.

About Personal Health Management

Health is much more than the mere lack of disease. It’s a positive vitality that balances a person’s entire wellbeing: the biological, psychological as well as physiological. Our private facility provides a proactive approach to managing all aspects of your personal health by taking into account the comprehensive effects your environment, lifestyle, nutrition and genetics have on your wellbeing.  

Everyone has a journey when it comes to their personal health. Symptoms that present themselves are just a small part of the story and it’s our role as doctors to learn about the forces at play and uncover what lies below the surface. Are you ready to improve your wellness?

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  • Comprehensive Health Assessment with Medical Doctor
  • Virtual and In-Person Check-Ins
  • Personalized Nutrition Plans with a Registered Dietician

Functional Medicine

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Hormone Optimization

The goal of hormone optimization is to help determine if your hormone levels are below normal and in turn develop a plan to improve levels and support balance.

Hormone Optimization

Weight Loss Management

Our approach to weight management involves helping patients make effective, sustainable, and lasting changes in their lives in order to improve their overall wellbeing.

Weight Loss Management

Preventative Health Assessment

Our preventative health assessment looks into the impact that factors such as environmental, lifestyle, nutrition, and genetics have on your overall well-being. It is all about early detection, prevention, and timely intervention!

Personal Health Management

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