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Are you ready to love the body you’re in?

When you put yourself and caring for your body at the top of your to-do list, everything else falls into place. Trust us: when you look good, you feel good, and that glow emanates into every part of your life.

Your body is already beautiful, but sometimes it takes a little extra self-care to feel comfortable in your own skin. Our non-invasive treatments can contour your body, tighten your skin, remove unwanted body hair, and even prevent excessive sweat.

Popular Treatments

Laser Hair Removal

Silky skin just feels good, you know? Laser hair reduction is a safe and effective way to reduce unwanted hair on the face and body allowing you to throw away the razor forever.
We’ve been treating clients for over 20 years and in fact, we were the first clinic to bring laser hair reduction to Canada. From your unibrow to your hairy toes – we’ve got you covered.

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When your love handles and muffin top have taken over in spite of your strict Keto diet – Coolsculpting® is the answer!
Kill fat cells for good and get back into the clothes you love with CoolSculpting®.

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Neuromodulators For Sweating

Ditch the chemicals and opt for a longer lasting solution. neuromodulators can relieve excessive sweating in the under arms, forehead, palms, and scalp for up to 6 months.
Stop dodging hand shakes, wear your favorite silk blouse and live a practically sweat-free life!

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Emsculpt Neo®

Suns out, guns, buns & abs out! Sculpt and tone your body without stepping foot into the gym with EMSculpt Neo®.
Burn fat and build muscle at the same with no effort on your part. Well, other than coming to see us – the #1 EMSculpt® providers in Canada.

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