Facial volume loss

We may not want much of it anywhere else on the body but when it comes to facial volume, fat is desirable.

The youthful face is characterized by soft, full cheeks and taut, healthy looking skin. As we age, the volume loss begins to reveal itself as hollow temples, sunken-in tired eyes, deflated cheeks or loose sagging skin – gravity suddenly becomes an unrelenting force. Luckily, we have some tools that can help restore volume loss and slow down the aging process!


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Dermal Fillers

Soften the aging face and look refreshed with dermal fillers. Dermal fillers can help restore lost volume while also providing moisture and returning buoyancy to the skin.

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PRP Eyes

Wake up your eyes with WorldPRP™ and take your cellular rejuvenation to the next level. Introducing Platelet Rich Plasma into your skin can promote growth of new, healthy cells, stimulate the development of new blood vessels and promote collagen synthesis in the most natural way.

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