Preventative Health Assessment 

Health is much more than a mere lack of disease.

Our preventative health assessment looks into the impact that environmental, lifestyle, nutrition, and genetic factors have on your overall well-being. It is all about early detection, prevention, and timely intervention.

About Preventative Health Assessment

Health is more than just the absence of illness – it is a state of complete physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

At R•MEDY🅫 Executive Health , our Preventative Health Assessment looks into the impact that factors such as environmental, lifestyle, nutrition, and genetics have on your overall health. By understanding if you are at risk of developing a serious health condition before you even experience any warning signs, you are taking a positive step towards preventing, delaying or alleviating difficult symptoms of chronic illness.

Improves Your Health in the Long Term

Preventative care is all about catching potential problems before they become real ones. With regular wellness checks, staying healthy is much easier!

Focuses on the Root Cause of a Disease, Not Just The Symptoms

Instead of focusing on simply relieving symptoms, functional medicine seeks to treat your condition by identifying and addressing the root cause.

Science Based and Effective

Preventative medicine is science based, relying on the collection of data to determine the underlying reasons why a patient is suffering from a certain condition. 

Highly Personalized and Patient-Focused

In preventative medicine, each patient receives a treatment plan tailored made for them.

Takes a Thorough Multidisciplinary Approach

Preventative medicine uses many different forms of treatments to promote healing, enhance nutrition, increase movement, improve sleep, and manage stress.

Provides a Roadmap for Overall Health

 Knowledge is power, and preventative medicine offers an extensive amount of information about what is going on inside your body.


  • Cancer Risk Reduction
  • Mind Rejuvenation
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Hepatic Rejuvenation
  • Mental Wellness
  • Digestive Care
  • Genetic Markers

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