cold laser led therapy

The power of LED light therapy can be harnessed to soothe, stimulate and heal the skin.

Gently treat acne, reduce inflammation, stimulate hair growth and regenerate cells with Cold Laser Therapy. Did you know that NASA originally developed LED therapy for plant growth experiments and found that it actually stimulated wound healing?


About Cold Laser Therapy

Cold laser is a term used to describe lower intensity light emitting diodes (LED) or low intensity laser (no heat production).

Phew! That sounded complicated but it isn’t really space technology!

This rejuvenation procedure has actually been a staple for many years and has a cumulative effect – the more you do, the better the benefit. Cold Laser Therapy at Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre is relaxing and has no downtime.


  • Very safe for all skin types with no downtime
  • Stimulates blood circulation on the scalp to encourage healthy follicles
  • Anti-inflammatory and can reduce acne & rosacea flare ups
  • Can be used to reduce joint pain from arthritis and tendinitis
  • Can be performed year round

How It Works

Cold Laser LED Light Therapy is also known as a Light Vitamin for the face, scalp, in fact the entire body!. The process of this therapy converts light energy into cellular energy, which results in the improvement of the skin’s overall appearance.

Cold Laser LED Light Therapy can calm inflammation (red light), kill the P-Acne bacteria (blue light), stimulate wound healing factors such as collagen and elastin (infra-red) and so much more!

What to expect


40 minutes

Recommended Sessions

A series of 3 – 5 sessions, spaced 2 – 3 weeks apart until desired results are achieved with maintenance as required

After Treatment Care

Wear sunscreen

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I have active acne and have tried everything, can Cold Laser LED Therapy help?

Blue light therapy is touted as one of the most powerful lights for killing the P-Acne bacteria bug. Regular treatments can prevent the growth of this bug.

How can Cold Laser LED Therapy help with hair growth?

Cold Laser LED Therapy light can stimulate the scalp to promote healthy blood flow. The use of red light and infrared light can help stop hair loss and promote thicker and healthier hair growth.

What light therapy should I do to stimulate the production of collagen?

Red light therapy has been proven to be the right wave length to stimulate the production of collagen and of course it is UV free!