Hyperhidrosis aka excessive sweating is more common than you may think. Around 3% of us suffer from this condition, and those are just the people who report it!

If you have hyperhidrosis, then you know it can be a vicious cycle – you start to get sweaty palms, feet and armpits when you are nervous, and then suddenly you start to get more nervous because you are sweating, and then you start sweating more because you’re more nervous.. Sound familiar?

Sufferers of hyperhidrosis can have problems that go beyond the embarrassment of their sweaty palms. Skin issues can occur from the excess sweat as well as bacteria build up and chafing due to the moisture.

And unfortunately, psychological problems are not uncommon either. Individuals can feel self-conscious due to their sweating problems and shy away from social situations, which can lead to other issues such as depression and anxiety.

As you can see, sweat can cause real problems for us. Rest assured, though. You’re not alone, and luckily there are some hyperhidrosis treatments out there.

Medical injections for hyperhidrosis

If you are looking for something a little more permanent to stop excessive sweating, you should try Treatments for Sweating. It is one of the most effective non-surgical solutions for excessive sweating and can give patients up to 6 months of relief.

For over 20 years, medical injections have been used as a treatment for hyperhidrosis with fantastic success.

These tiny injections work to block acetylcholine, the chemical that signals the sweat gland to sweat, essentially turning the sweat gland off. Once the solution is injected into the skin it binds to the nerve endings of the muscle within 10 minutes.

Unlike deodorants and antiperspirants, medical injections for excessive sweating are not known to enter the blood stream and does not introduce chemicals into the body.

At Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre, your treatments for excessive sweating treatment takes about 40 minutes. Our expertly trained clinic nurses ensure your comfort by using a cooler or topical cream to the affected areas.

Why breathable clothing and antiperspirant is often not enough

You’ve probably noticed that your excessive sweating gets worse when you wear synthetic fibers that keep the moisture in.

Wearing the right clothing won’t solve your sweat problem, but it can help temporarily by allowing you to feel a little cooler and able to handle the situation.

Breathable cotton or silk and other materials, which wick away sweat, will help with dampness and mask your situation.

Also, If you find that your profuse sweating usually only happens on extremely hot days or during workouts, then you can try using an over-the-counter antiperspirant. These are stronger and more effective than the usual deodorants, and they may be enough to stop your sweat problem.

Antiperspirants contain aluminum salts which, when applied to your skin, form a plug over your glands to stop sweat from occurring. The problem with this method is that it requires daily application and is only effective for some people.

If you are looking for something that can have a lasting effect, then find out more about the treatments for excessive sweating. Book a consultation or appointment with Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre and finally get your sweat under control.