It might sound over the top at first, but I’m not exagerrating when I tell you that laser hair removal is a game changer! The amount of time we spend – and waste, maintaining body hair is mind boggling. Now, I fully support you if you’ve decided to go au naturel and ‘let it grooooowwww’ but for those of us that prefer ‘less is more’, hair maintenance is often a daily reality like brushing our teeth.

Hair removal by shaving

Worried About Laser Hair Removal Discomfort?

Some people are worried about the potential discomfort when it comes to laser hair removal, yet are completely accustomed to having the hair – and skin, literally ripped out of their bodies with waxing or epilating. Not to be outdone by nasty chemical burns from topical hair removal products. We certainly can’t forget about the electrolysis option; who wouldn’t want tiny needles with electric currents being inserted into every single pore? All joking aside, most patients say that the laser is way more comfortable than waxing and laser hair removal is the only one of those options that not only reduces hair for the long term, but also stimulates collagen making the skin in the treated area smoother and softer.

Hair removal by waxing

Choose a Reputable Practice for Laser Hair Removal!

Don’t get me wrong, there can be some inherent risks associated with all of these options and lasers are no exception. Luckily, most of us are savvy enough to do our due diligence when it comes to finding a service provider. It often starts with an internet search of reputable practices, reading online reviews, and asking our friends or posting in a trusted online community group. Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre was the very first clinic to start providing laser hair removal and we’ve continued to evolve since 1996 as a medically directed centre with a strong reputation for service excellence and safety standards. Even if you’ve had laser hair removal before, every new client receives an indepth consultation because we want you to feel like an expert. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met that have no idea what type of laser was used on them in their past treatments. By the way, we use the Fotona Laser and it’s safe for all skin types!
Laser Hair Removal

Is Laser Hair Removal for Everyone?

So, is there anyone who shouldn’t be doing laser hair removal? Well, that all depends on who you ask. A reputable provider will give it to you straight; if you have blonde, white, or red hair then I’m afraid the laser is not for you my friend. Sure, you could try, but the odds aren’t in your favour and we want to be as up front as possible in making sure we can deliver optimal results. The other factor is fine hair versus medium and coarse hair.  Peach fuzz is unfortunately not something we expect to achieve permanent reduction with laser treatments. With that said, we have clients that have been with us for many years because if they’re going to be doing regular maintenance treatments anyway, they want the added benefit of collagen stimulated by the laser. In fact, it was our patients who pointed this out when they noticed improved skin tone and glow after treating their facial peach fuzz. Talk about a bonus!

Another consideration is often the cost of embarking on laser hair removal, because I agree it can be really tempting to ‘take it all off’ once you experience the freedom from razors and waxing. We encourage clients to pick one or two focus areas so that it’s easier to keep up with your appointments, not to mention easier on your bank account. When you factor in your time and the never-ending costs associated with waxing or other options, it’s a no-brainer that laser hair removal makes the most sense as a means to an end with very minimal future upkeep for most people. Treatments can be done year round but the best time to start is now, during these wet and windy months so that we’re ready for swimsuit season. At our clinic not only do we offer extremely competitive pricing but also combo options and value package options for further savings. If you choose to opt into our loyalty program, you’ll also get the scoop on our monthly Member’s Only specials. So if you haven’t already, be sure you’re subscribed to receive our emails and stay in the know.

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