4 Tips to Save on Skin Treatments

October 19, 2021

Too often we are forced to pass up on the skin care treatments we really want solely because of how much they cost. We want to look good, but are forced to accept that between rent payments, phone bills, and grocery expenses – skin care just doesn’t make it near the top of the list!

But, what if I told you that you can totally shop for skin care treatments the way you do shoes, clothes, and electronics? The good news is that skin care treatments go on sale, but the bad news is that if you don’t know where to look you will miss out!

So, If you want to save big on your next appointment, The Vancouver Laser and Skin Care Centre recommend that you take note of our top 4 tips below (especially making note of any upcoming holidays *hint-hint*).

1) Shop Special Dates

Singles Day – 11:11 (Nov 11.)

You’re familiar with Black Friday, Boxing Day, and Cyber Monday, but have you heard of Singles Day? Singles Day is a 24hr shopping event in China that guarantees huge discounts across millions of popular e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba, AliExpress, and Taobao (these sites are basically like Amazon).

Luckily for us, brands like Hudson’s Bay, Harry Rosen, Birks, Max Mara, Coach, Apple, and Nespresso have already adopted the tradition and delivered on some serious deals online in Canada on 11:11 just last year. Something to be aware of however is that some brands may not be publicly advertising the sale. As such, your best bet leading up to the day is to check the website of your favourite brands as well as subscribe to their newsletter and follow them on social (hint-hint, nudge-nudge).

Black Friday (Nov 26) 

Black Friday gets its name from the old bookkeeping practice of recording profits in black ink and losses in red ink. So, the idea was that on a day where you sell a lot, you can find your business landing “in the black” for the year! 

This famous shopping day has observed some amazing sales over the years! Stores tend to go big and reward the most ambitious of shoppers too with door prizes and sales of more than %50 off in some participating stores. 

Cyber Monday (Nov 29)

This is a little less exciting of a backstory, but for all you curious shoppers Cyber Monday was coined in 2005 by the National Retail Federation after they noticed that people seemed to do more online shopping on the Monday after Thanksgiving. 

Cyber Monday came to Canada in 2008, and ever since it has become a staple in our shopping calendar (I mark it down, do you?)!  In order to keep up with the U.S., retailers come up with some knockout deals so you can simply click and carry on shopping! 

Boxing Day (December 26)

Some believe that the tradition of “Boxing Day” originated in England during the 19th century. Servants were given (or shall we say gifted!) this day off by their wealthy employers and were sent home with boxes that contained small presents and food to take home to their families. 

So many stores have boast worthy sales on Boxing Day! So, to avoid the crowds, we recommend checking e-commerce sites (easy if you know your size) and taking advantage of services that let you purchase ahead and then call in to book later (like us!)

New Year (Jan 1)

This holiday needs no introduction. As we all know, a New Year, means the chance for a new you! So many stores and services want to encourage you to go ahead and treat yourself so you can feel good about facing the year ahead (whatever it may bring!).

Chinese New Year (Depends on calendar year – but always falls between January and February) 

Chinese New Year is one of the most important holidays in China as a day to welcome the beginning of a new year and the start of spring! Saturated in tradition and superstition, this day is all about starting the year off right! So more and more business in Canada have seen some amazing deals leading up to it in order to give people the chance to spoil themselves (and there loved ones too!). 

Valentine’s Day (February 14) 

Valentine’s Day traces back to the Christian tradition of having a feast day to honor Saint Valentine on the day he died. But now we celebrate it as a day for lovers! Pretty wild how history works right? 

So what does a typical Valentine’s day sale look like? Well first of all, throw the idea out that this day is reserved for only those who have found their perfect match! This day is absolutely a day for self-love too!

Sales will be for all shoppers who need a little reminder of how they truly are. 

Canada Day (July 1)

This holiday commemorates the unification of the three North American British colonies: New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and the Province of Canada.

So you can bet that Canadian businesses are going to cook up some pretty serious sale days (maybe even weeks) to say thank you to their national clients that have helped them continue to run!

Oh Canada, we love to shop for thee!

2) Subscribe to Newsletters

Why should we care about newsletters? Well okay, let’s first address the elephant in the room – we get way too many emails in a day to even begin to sift through them all and so it often feels like a huge nuissance. But before you hit unsubscribe, consider this: a newsletter is a way to check out what is going on with your favourite brand/store/centre without having to open up your browser to then comb through their homepage for any information on upcoming promotions or sales (which, let’s be honest, it may be too late by that point!).

There are also amazing incentives for signing up for newsletters such as a percentage off your first purchase or a small gift! So in all honesty, it is a fantastic way to give your favourite brand a little love while also getting a little something back as well! 

3) Shop Promotions

It is hard to predict what specific product, service, or treatment will be on promotion, but we do have some clues as to when. Many companies favour such traditions as weekly, monthly (usually at the beginning of the month), and seasonal promotions! However, the best way to be ‘in the know’ is to subscribe to a newsletter and follow the company/ and subscribe on all their social platforms. 

Another hint (we’re just making them rain aren’t we?!) is to check a company’s social media platforms to look out for countdown clocks and contests related to the promotion! Remember, they want to get hyped about their latest deal so you can bet that they will have some really amazing perks leading up to the big day/week.

4) Become a member

Memberships come with some amazing perks! And let’s be honest, it also feels nice to be treated like a VIP (maybe it’s as close to being a celebrity as you’ll ever get so why not milk it for all it is worth).

The yearly or monthly fee for joining shadows in comparison with all the incredible incentives such as discounts/exclusive prices on products or treatments, shopping credit, early access to sales, referral credit (money for thee and money for me!), free parking, and special gifts (hooray! free stuff!).

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There are also amazing incentives for creating an account on a company’s shopping site!

We can’t speak to what other companies are currently offering, but if $25 credit towards your purchase sounds good to you, you are going to want to head to our shopping site here and create an account!

Already a member? Create an account and connect your membership and you’ll receive another $25!

4 Tips to Save on Skin Treatments