16 Wellness Habits to Adopt in 2022

January 5, 2022

It is officially 2022, and we want to share with you all 16 healthy habits you can begin to adopt in honor of #WellnessWednesday!

What is wellness? Wellness is defined as the act of practicing healthy habits daily to attain better physical and mental health. 

Think of it as thriving and not just surviving!

1) Drink More Water

Water helps to flush toxins out of your system to keep your body and mind healthy and happy! Looking for better digestion, improved weight loss, clearer skin, a boosted immune system, plus so much more? Then put down the pop and pour yourself a big, tall glass of aqua. 

2) Eat Breakfast

This is the most important meal of the day because you are far too incredible to ever run on empty! There are so many awesome breakfast ideas out there that are quick, easy, and delicious (you can browse Pinterest for ideas!). Don’t have a lot of time in the morning? Try overnight oats!  

3) Connect with Nature

Going for a hike or a “nature walk” is great for your physical and mental health! 

The next time you’re out for a stroll I encourage you to stop and quite literally smell the flowers!

Connecting with nature is about appreciating what you have around you and grounding yourself in the “right here, right now”.

4) Start a Gratitude Journal

Open it up and flip to the first page and write down 10 things you feel grateful for today.

Remember that you have a lot to be thankful for even when you feel like nothing is going right. 

5) Stand Up Regularly

Just because you have an office job, it does not mean that have to sit all day! Standing up and going for a walk is better for your blood circulation and overall mental health. Hot tip? Ask your boss if you can have a standing desk! 

6) Sleep Early

Routine, routine, routine! Going to bed early (and ideally at the same time each night) helps ensure that your body gets the reset it needs to function optimally. A good night’s rest means more mental alertness and healthier happier skin (beat those pesky breakouts with some R.E.M sleep). 

7) Take a Digital Snack Break

This one is hard, I know. I’m not saying you need to freeze your phone in a block of ice or get your roommate to hide it somewhere you’ll never look, but I am encouraging you to put it on silent or turn it off for an hour or two every evening. 

Did you know that if you were to avoid looking at any of your devices for an hour before your bedtime, you would experience a much better sleep? Look it up, it’s true. 

8) Incorporate more Seeds into Your Diet

When consumed as part of a healthy diet, seeds can help reduce blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure. 

(Seeds are also a great source of fiber!)

9) Increase Home Cooked Meals

There is nothing quite like a home cooked meal! Meal prep can be fun and will leave you feeling like the Queen or King of the kitchen. Another great reason? When you cook a meal at home you are able to help control the amount of sugar and salt you put in! 

10) Read Daily 

That mountain of books in your living room that you are currently using as a foot stool (or side table) demands your attention! Reading even just a chapter can help kick your brain into creative overdrive and send you down a path of pure inspiration! (doesn’t that sound amazing!?)

11) Take your Vitamins 

Remember those gummy vitamins? Even taking one of those can go a long way if you’re not getting enough of what you need in your day-to-day life to keep your body and mind running at top speed. But did you know that oral vitamins bypass the GI track? This means you don’t even get THAT many benefits from them. My suggestion? Look into IV Vitamin Therapy! 

12) Take Micro Vacations!

Micro-vacations are extremely important for your mental health (and the possibilities are endless). Take a weekend trip to Whistler, drive to Langley Farms, go to Kelowna for a few days, or rent a cabin on the sunshine coast (all great options that don’t involve a hefty plane ticket fee).

13) Declutter

You remember when Marie Kondo was trending? Well, the practice of decluttering your life has never gone out of fashion. Start with the smaller spaces in your home and work your way up!

14) Make Self-Care a priority 

Self-care is one of the most powerful acts of love in existence! It is about giving yourself the time you need to recharge and heal so you can continue to thrive. Some of my favourite acts of self-care include:

-Taking a bubble bath

-Going for a massage

-Putting on a hydrating face mask 

-Watch your favourite movie 

15) Work on Your Fitness

For some strange reason, whenever someone says exercise I think of that montage scene in Bridget Jones Diary where she falls off the bike in spin class! But exercise does not need to be THAT intense right off the bat!

You can start small with a yoga or Pilates class and then work your way up to a more intense workout routine. What really matters here is that you start to get your body moving!

16) 10 Minutes of meditation (per day)

I cannot stress enough how important this one is! 

Close your eyes and breathe in for 5 (seconds) and breathe out for 5. Repeat. 

Optional: Try to picture yourself sitting on the beach. Imagine you are resting your hands on the warm sand and focus on the sound of the water pushing and pulling in front of you. Remind yourself that in that moment you are safe and at peace. 

#WellnessWednesday and R.medyMD

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16 Wellness Habits to Adopt in 2022