Glow like JLO!

January 17, 2023

This year, the iconic song “Jenny from the block” turned 21 years old. Released in 2002, it was one of those songs that you would hear every time you turned the radio on. And the JLO phenomenon was only just beginning! During that same year, JLO starred in the romantic comedy “Maid in Manhattan” and moved her way up into “America’s sweetheart” status. 

Since then, Lopez has had multiple pop hits under her belt as well as many memorable screen performances (who doesn’t love The Wedding Planner??)! But nothing seems to be as iconic as what has now been coined as “that JLO glow!”

At 53 years of age, it is undeniable that JLO looks amazing for her age. Her skin is supple, soft, and radiant. So, what’s her secret?

Some of what JLO credits her phenomenal skin to is:

-Daily sunscreen

-A good night’s rest

-Her very own brand of eye creams!

However, did you know that she religiously gets Hydrafacials? It’s true! In fact, the Queen of latin pop and romantic comedy loves this treatment so much that she helped design the ultimate booster serum: the JLO Beauty Booster!

Now, getting that JLO glow is easier than ever!

Boasting a treatment time of only 40 minutes (though it is so relaxing and luxurious you will wish you were with us for longer), and globally sourced ingredients, you will leave your treatment with tighter, brighter, and more hydrated skin! How’s that for the A-list treatment?!

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Glow like JLO!