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BELKYRA™ (KYBELLA®) is a Health Canada approved, non-surgical treatment that specifically targets localized fat under the chin. Many times, excess fat beneath the chin develops as a result of aging or simply heredity, making it difficult to remedy with diet and exercise. This is especially true for many of the product’s famous fans, including its celebrity spokesperson, Khloe Kardashian. We have been successfully treating double chins at Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre since 2004. When choosing a BELKYRA™ clinic in Vancouver be sure to check they are Allergan trained injectors.


  • Non-surgical double chin treatment
  • Natural and very safe
  • Short recovery period with mild swelling under the chin

How it works

BELKYRA™ is known as KYBELLA® in the USA. BELKYRA™ and KYBELLA® are identical. BELKYRA™ (KYBELLA®) is a patented formulation of deoxycholic acid manufactured by Allergan, the makers of BOTOX®. Deoxycholic acid is a naturally occurring substance in our bodies used to digest fat in our diets. BELKYRA™ destroys the fat cell membrane allowing the fat to be expelled out of the body.

How Belkyra Works

What to expect

Once the area is mapped and chilled you will experience multiple quick injection in the treatment area. You may experience some swelling, numbness, bruising and or tingling in the treatment area. Your treatment time will be less than 50 minutes.


Results vary from person to person and multiple sessions are recommended (if the fatty deposit is larger) to gradually reduce the unwanted fat. As the body expels the fat, slimming of the area occurs over the next 8 weeks. An added benefit is tightening of the overlying skin is most cases.

Recommended sessions

  • 2 – 5 sessions
  • Repeat chin injections every 6-8 weeks with BELKYRA™

Possible downtime

  • Swelling, possible bruising and itching
  • Possible tingling, pins and needles, or pain
  • Possible temporary nodules under the skin

Post treatment care

  • Resume normal activities immediately post treatment
  • Avoid any strenuous exercise immediately post treatment