BOTOX® for Facial Slimming

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Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre uses BOTOX® for facial sculpting and are renowned for creating the desired and youthful “V-Shape” contour. The physicians have injected over 2 million units of BOTOX® into over 15,000 clients making Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre the top volume and busiest BOTOX® clinic in Canada for over ten years. Thousands of women and men trust our experienced doctors with their BOTOX® treatments each year from North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Surrey, Delta and other BC cities. As leaders in the BOTOX® industry, the doctors at Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre also educate fellow doctors and dentists on the skillful administration of BOTOX® during their world renowned BOTOX® Workshops.

If you are wondering “how to get a skinny face?” then you are in the right place. Botox for facial slimming is a special application of botox that results in a noticeable slimming of the face due to relaxing the masseter muscles of the jaw.


  • Non-surgical method to achieve a more V-shaped face
  • The face appears slimmer without lateral bulk
  • Reduces the look of chubby cheeks or a round face
  • Superb relief for those that clench or grind their teeth (Bruxism)
  • Relaxation of the masseter muscles to reduce face width

How Botox for Facial Slimming Works

A wide jawline is often due to oversized masseter muscles (the main jaw muscle). Although these muscles help us chew and speak, they can become enlarged due to a genetic predisposition or simple over use. By relaxing the masseter muscle with BOTOX® the masseter becomes softer and less bulky. Consequently the face becomes slimmer and more triangular. A V-shaped face is very feminine and appears more youthful. For those who only desire treatment of TMJ pain or bruxism, smaller amounts of BOTOX® are used which should not reduce the size of the masseter, but only the strength of the masseter.

What to expect

A typical BOTOX® for facial slimming treatment takes only 10 minutes and patients usually experience very little discomfort.


Most patients state that facial slimming results become evident between 3 to 6 weeks after the treatment. Remember that you have taken years to build those muscles so it may take time to slim them.

Recommended sessions

Repeat treatment twice a year, especially if TMJ and/or bruxism is a factor.

Possible downtime

  • Possible bruising
  • Possible tenderness at the injection site
  • Possible temporary asymmetry of the smile

Post treatment care

  • Resume normal activities immediately post treatment

Special recommendations

As BOTOX® is used to reduce the bulk of the masseter muscle, avoid exercising the muscle unnecessarily. Chewing gum, eating hard foods like nuts or very tough meat works the muscle and therefore it fights the results of the BOTOX®.