Clear Glow

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Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre offers the Clear Glow as a quick, yet efficient, treatment to address a whole range of skin rejuvenation concerns with no downtime. The Clear Glow treatment is non-invasive and safe for all skin types. The Clear Glow reduces sebum production, targets textural imperfections, improves the skins tone, and calms inflammatory skin (acne, rosacea).


  • Targets inflammatory acne and rosacea
  • Safe for all skin types with no downtime
  • Can reduce large pores
  • Reduces rosacea and red capillaries
  • Helps create clear skin

How it gives you clear skin

The short, high peak energy Nd:YAG laser penetrates deep into the tissues creating a thermal effect that reduces sebum production (hence helps reduce acne) and triggers your natural ability to rejuvenate your skin and produce more collagen.

What to expect

The Clear Glow treatment takes less than 40 minutes and has no downtime associated with it. The sensation experienced is generally a warm one with little if any discomfort.

When to resume normal activities

Normal activities can be resumed immediately after the treatment.


Results vary from person to person though most patients report a suppression of active acne due to the reduction of inflammation and sebum production almost immediately. Facial rejuvenation results are achieved through multiple short treatments and this treatment can be paired with HydraFacial for optimal results.

Clear glow is a very effective inflammatory skin laser treatment.

Recommended sessions

We recommend 3 – 6 treatments one month apart with maintenance as required.

Possible downtime

  • Possible hives that can be subdued with an antihistamine
  • Possible mild redness and tingling for a few hours post treatment

Post treatment care

  • Apply sunscreen